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We create distinctive interiors designed to reflect who you are

Our Story

Our specialty lies in combining and layering different materials and textures in surprising and unexpected ways to produce truly personalized interiors. 

Our design approach is contemporary yet deeply respectful of history, location and heritage. We are skilled at weaving together different styles and time periods seamlessly, earning us industry recognition for our timeless interiors and distinctive vision.  

We work collaboratively with our clients, driven by the core belief that design is a narrative. Every space tells a story, so we listen carefully and solicit feedback along the way to infuse each client’s space with soul, meaning and a unique perspective.


Design is not about the items you buy, but about the stories you tell.

Our Vision

Design is powerful, exhilarating, and transformative. At its core, it is the deepest expression of your essence.

Our purpose is to unearth and discard the superfluous, leaving behind only what is real and authentic. 

We aspire to create honest interiors without pretense or artifice that are effortlessly elegant, layered with meaning and built for both function and form.

Our Services

  • Interior architecture
  • Interior design
  • Interior soft finishes
  • Interior hard finishes
  • Creative space solutions
  • Furniture design 
  • Fine art selection
  • Logistics / Inventory
  • Procurement
  • Installation
  • Custom furniture
  • Product design
  • Logo / signage
  • Project management & supervision 

Our Founders

Sara Al Faisal

A creative force to be reckoned with, Sara tackles the most challenging of design briefs with style, flair and exquisite taste. What sets her apart is her innate ability to combine seemingly discordant styles, ultimately creating her own signature blend - from Islamic Art Deco to Mid-century Modern Steampunk. Her stunning work has earned her a raft of industry accolades and a loyal client following. Selective with her projects, she takes on a limited number every year, but the results are always well worth the wait! 

Sima Malak

Sima is a multi-faceted designer with a diverse client base, equally comfortable with residential, corporate and retail projects. Thoughtful use of materials and meticulous attention to detail is part of Sima’s signature style. Known for her sleek design aesthetic, she is skilled at integrating traditional architectural details with contemporary pieces, giving her award-winning work a rare sense of permanence. She excels at sourcing, with a penchant for art and collectibles that elevate her interiors to new heights.

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